Saddam Hussein's remarks

Here are some comments made by Saddam Hussein during the second session of his trial. They were translated from Arabic by The Associated Press.

    Saddam Hussein speaks to the presiding judge in Baghdad

    "You are the chief judge. I don't want you to tell them, I want you to order them. They are in our country. You have the sovereignty. You are Iraqi and they are foreigners and occupiers. They are invaders. You should order them."

    "I was brought here with handcuffs... At the same time the elevator was out of order."

    "How can a defendant defend himself if his pen was taken? Saddam Hussein's pen and papers were taken... There are papers downstairs that include my remarks in which I express my opinion."

    "The rights of a defendant when he is in a building - which is the Military Industrialisation building that is a court now - he should be under the supervision of the court when it comes to administration."





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