Israeli Arabs condemn US policy

Dozens of Israeli Arabs have demonstrated outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv to denounce the US presence in Iraq and allegations that Washington planned to bomb Aljazeera.

    Protesters in Tel Aviv accused the US of double standards

    Talab al-Sana, a member of the Israeli parliament, said protesters had wanted to show solidarity with their fellow Arabs and demonstrate anger at what they regard as US hypocrisy.

    "The American policy is feeding the anger, the sense of depression and the extremists among the people here," he told AFP.

    "It is a case of double standards by the Americans. On the one hand they talk about freedom and they think about bombing Aljazeera; they talk about democracy and they occupy Iraq and threaten Syria."

    A British newspaper reported last week that Prime Minister Tony Blair had talked US President George Bush out of bombing Aljazeera's headquarters in Qatar.

    The White House dismissed the Daily Mirror report as "outlandish".

    SOURCE: Agencies


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