Comments: Iraq's federalism ensure justice

A selection of comments we received in response to Ali al-Awsi's editorial: Iraq's federalism ensures justice.

    Unfortunately, even Federalism in the USA has its problems.
    Roberto, US

    That the author of this article fails to even mention the destruction & social deformation directly attributed to the US/UK occupations makes his entire view suspect, to say the least ALL FOREIGN TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ!
    Suzanne Radford, US

    I find it interesting that most pro-constitution writers fail to mention the "elephant in the room" - the presence of the US-led occupation army; while at the same time supporters of the insurgency fail to mention their own equally destructive forces of violence.
    Evan Reminick, US

    Federalism is the goal of the United States, and endorsing it means playing their game. It will divide Iraq's wealth in three unequal parts, and thus promoting discrepancy and jealousy. This will lead to an ethnic enmity and will dissolve the "Iraqi" nationality.
    Charbel Kanaan, France

    It's irrelevant to propose federalism as a solution to discrimination. It's also irrelevant to compare the proposed Iraqi federalism to the US federalism. The federalism in the new Iraqi constitution is ambiguous and it can promote discrimination rather than prevent it.

    Sarmad, an Iraqi living in the US

    When a land or territory is divided into segregated regions, by different factions it will produce negative effects that will hinder or even cripple the possibility of a federalized leadership.

    Certain factions will be doing better than others, that will ultimately result in animosity and lawlessness once people start to feel that their faction is being treating unjustly.

    The only hope for Iraq to be ruled under a federalized government is to find ways to integrate the people. If they cannot be integrated, then its a mistake to try to make a federalized government as it will only produce more violence and chaos.
    Angie, US

    Federalism will not work in Iraq because it is federalism that has caused the problems in Iraq since 1840. Federalism represents imperialism and control by American and Western Allies all in an attempt to control Iraqi Oil.

    In the early days it was about opium.

    Federalism is at a declining point even within Western governments, when parties have never agreed, and continue to wage legal wars against each other. Massive deficits affect those countries, and the disparity between rich in poor is so very apparent.

    If federalism cannot solve those issues in America or Britian with their massive unemployed, how do they contend it will work in Iraq. On the contrary, it is the problem. As Palestine has been at war since Israel has taken land from them, so too the same disenfranchiment will occur in Iraq.

    Iraq needs Western influence out of its country and telling it how to operate and function.

    Djermano, China

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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