Comments: The great power games in the ME

A slelection of comments sent to us in response to Soumaya Ghannoushi's editorial "The great power games in the Middle East".

    The author makes a valid point. Time was when the apartheid regime and its allies in London and Washington considered Nelson Mandela and the leadership of the struggle for democracy in South Africa as terrorists. When reality forced them to talk to the real leaders, they found them to be reasonable and logical people. No doubt the same would apply as described by the author.
    Peter Rutsch, South Africa

    I agree with the author's opinions.  I believe the use of language to keep power within a narrow established elite is used against the people of the US, as well.  Across the globe we are challenged to find ways of supplanting the existing leadership, to upset the status quo, to broaden participation and bring forward political structures that are genuinely representative and desirous of truly democratic change.
    Kitty Bryant, US

    Personally, I would love it if Iraq was to become a strong and trusted partner with the US.  However, more important to all of us is that the Iraqis be allowed to live free and elect their own leaders. The US gave Iraqis a voice, even if they turn to hate us, at least they have a voice.  I trust Arab relations will improve with time.  My heart is open to all Iraqis.  It pains me to read the poison they are fed, but one day Iraqis will see the truth.
    Gregg, US

    People who practise Islam need to denounce the terrorists who practise Islam.  These are terrorists who use their faith as a right to murder people. Cutting someone's head in the name of God and not to be criticized openly is your problem, not the west's.
    Dan, US

    The article should be re-published by major newspapers of Europe and the US so that the true problem of the Middle East is well articulated and understood by westerners.
    Arslan, Turkmenistan

    You make a mistake if you think America fears democracy in the Middle East. 
    Mike, US 

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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