Israel fires missiles into Gaza Strip

Israeli missiles have struck a car in northern Gaza killing one Palestinian fighter.

    Israeli fighter jets have launched raids over Gaza

    The strike on Friday came as part of an offensive the Israeli military says is to stop rockets being fired into Israel.


    The occupation army had no immediate comment.


    Witnesses said Israeli aircraft fired three missiles at a white Subaru travelling in the northern Gaza Strip town of Bait Hanun killing Majid Natat, 28, a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed group affiliated with the governing Fatah party.


    Another unidentified man was evacuated to a hospital, they added, but his condition remained unknown.


    The Israeli military has recently resumed its practice of assassinating Palestinian resistance fighters.


    The Israeli air force followed up Friday's air raids with two more missile attacks in the northern Gaza Strip early on Saturday, Palestinian security sources said.


    The attacks, shortly after midnight, targeted uninhabited

    areas, one near Jabalya, the other near Bait Lahya. There were no reports of any casualties.


    Aljazeera's reported that a possible aim of the Israeli air raids on unpopulated areas was to destroy roads and bridges that link the Gaza Strip with the Israeli border.


    The Israeli military has stepped up such attacks since a bomber detonated explosives he was carrying, killing five Israelis in Hadera on Wednesday.




    The Wednesday attack was claimed by Islamic Jihad, which had vowed revenge after Israeli troops shot and killed West Bank commander Luai al-Saadi, the most senior leader killed since a de facto truce began.

    Khadir Habib, an Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, called the Hadera bombing "a natural reaction to crimes of the occupation".

    On Thursday, Israeli occupation forces fired missiles at a Gaza refugee camp killing at least seven people, including a leading Islamic Jihad fighter, Shadi Muhanna, according to Palestinians and the Israeli military.

    Witnesses said the target of the attack after nightfall on Thursday was a white Subaru car in the Jabalya refugee camp, a sprawling shanty town next to Gaza City.


    Late on Thursday, Israeli warplanes also launched a series of bombing raids again in northern Gaza.

    Palestinian security officials said Israeli fighter jets had bombed three areas of northern Gaza, targeting open fields used by resistance fighters to fire rockets into southern Israel. 

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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