Kashmiri family's throats slit

Suspected separatists have killed 10 people in Indian-administered Kashmir.

    Five Hindu villagers had their throats slit in a Rajnagar village

    Five Hindu villagers had their throats slit in an overnight raid on a village in Indian-administered Kashmir.


    Five more civilians were killed in two other attacks in the predominantly Muslim region.


    All of the attacks took place in a cluster of hamlets where 100 homes were toppled by the region's devastating earthquake on Saturday, but the quake caused no deaths in those communities.


    Assailants barged into the homes of two Hindu families on Sunday night, dragged out five male members, and cut their throats with daggers in Rajnagar, a village 180km northwest of Jammu, the winter capital of India's Jammu-Kashmir state, said J P Singh, senior superintendent of police, on Monday.


    In another raid in a nearby village, attackers killed four members of a Hindu family, said Singh.


    He added that Nazir Ahmed, a Muslim, was shot to death by suspected separatists in Kulhar village, 170km northwest of Jammu.


    Separatist fighters - seeking Kashmir's independence from India or its merger with Muslim-majority Pakistan since 1989 - have been known to kill civilians they suspect to be informers.


    More than 66,000 people have died in the conflict.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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