Chechnya: Four Russian soldiers killed

Four Russian soldiers and two Chechen policemen have been killed in the latest fighting in Chechnya, an official from the Moscow-backed government says.

    Thousands of Russian troops have been killed in Chechnya

    One soldier died and seven were wounded when they came under fire from separatist fighters in 14 attacks across the Caucasus republic on Saturday.


    Two soldiers died and two were wounded when their vehicle hit a mine near Gudermes in eastern Chechnya, while another soldier was killed and two wounded as they were clearing mines in the southern Shali region.


    The two policemen were killed and three wounded in an operation at Terskoy in the northeast, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.


    About 80,000 Russian soldiers are stationed in Chechnya fighting an armed rebellion nearly six years after the start of the latest war in the republic, sustaining almost daily casualties.



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