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List of assassinated Iraqis

The following is a list of names of some Iraqis assassinated after the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

    Professors and professionals:

    1. Dr Abd al-Latif al-Mayyah - Political Science
    2. Dr Nafi Aboud - Arab Literature Professor
    3. Dr Falah al-Dulaimi - Assistant Dean
    4. Dr Sabri al-Bayati - Geography Professor
    5. Dr Hisham Sharif - Head of History Department in Baghdad University
    6. Dr Khalid Muhammad al-Janabi - Islamic History Professor
    7. Dr Ali Abd al-Hussein Kamil - Physics Professor
    8. Dr Muhammad al-Rawi - Physician
    9. Dr Asad Salim al-Sharida - Dean of Engineering Department in Basra University
    10. Dr Abd al-Jabar Mustafa - Dean of Mosul University
    11. Dr Majid Hussein Ali - Nuclear Scientist
    12. Dr Marwan al-Rawi - Engineering Professor
    13. Dr Imad Sarsam - Osteologist
    14. Dr Muhanad al-Dulaimi - Science Professor
    15. Dr Ghalib al-Hiti - Chemical engineering Professor
    16. Dr Sabah Mahmud - Dean of College of Education
    17. Dr Muhammad al-Adramli - Chemist
    18. Amir Mizhir al-Dayni - Communications Engineering Professor
    19. Basim al-Mudaris - Chemist
    20. Iman Younis - Head of Translation Department - Mosul University
    21. Dr Hazim al-Ani - Pediatrist
    22. Dr Suhad al-Abadi - Physician
    23. Dr Sadiq al-Ubaidi - Neurologist
    24. Dr Laila Saad - Dean of College of Law - Mosul University
    25. Dr Muhammad al-Talqani - Nuclear Scientist
    26. Isam Said Abd al-Halim - Geological expert at the ministry of construction
    27. Dr Amir al-Mallah - Oculist
    28. Talib Dahir - Nuclear scientist

    Members of dismissed Iraqi army

    1. Baha al-Din Muhei al-Din - Air Force major General
    2. Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Ali -  Air Force Brigadier General
    3. Akram al-Bayyati - Army Major General
    4. Kadhim Saddam - Air Force Colonel


    1. Sabah Bilal - retired army officer
    2. Yashar Jankiz - Chairman of Prisoners and Martyrs Association 
    3. Akram Qarbadli - journalist
    4. Ibrahim Ismail

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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