Hamas defiant after Israeli strikes

Hamas said it would remain defiant after several deadly Israeli attacks on Palestinian targets in Gaza Strip that killed at least two Hamas resistance personnel.

    Hamas said the attacks proved the occupation remained

    Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip on Saturday condemned the aerial rocketing, saying it demonstrated that the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip was not really over.
    "These criminal attacks are a clear proof that the Israeli occupation of Gaza is not really over," said Hamas spokesman Mahmoud al-Zahar.
    He told reporters in Gaza that Hamas would not give up the resistance as long as the occupation of the Palestinian homeland didn't end.
    "The resistance is the 'effect' and the occupation is the 'cause' and everybody knows that we can't remove the effect until and unless the cause is removed first."

    'Winds of freedom'
    Meanwhile, Hamas leaders in Hebron promised that the "winds of freedom will blow on the West Bank sooner or later".

    A Hamas leader said the Gaza
    pullout was a result of resistance

    "The Zionist evacuation from Gaza was a victory for the Palestinian resistance fighter, not the Palestinian negotiator," said Nayef Rajoub, a prominent Islamic leader in the southern West Bank, at a Hamas rally.
    "We all know that the Palestinian negotiator couldn't even dismantle a single screw in those defunct settlements," he said.
    Rajoub strongly denounced American, European and Israeli pressure on the PA to disarm Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups.

    Rajoub, a brother of PA official Jebril Rajoub, castigated "the harrowing by Arab and Muslim regimes to normalise relations with and terminate economic boycott of Israel".

    "In the past we used to condemn these regimes for doing nothing for the cause of Palestine save issuing denunciations and condemnation. Now we are becoming nostalgic to these days as the official Arab regimes no longer issue condemnations and denunciations."
    The Hamas political leader denounced the Kingdom of Bahrain and Pakistan for "betraying the al-Aqsa Mosque and succumbing to American pressure to normalise with the enemy of the Islamic Umma (community) at a time when the blood of Muslim children in Palestine is spilled in front of all these so-called Muslim leaders."

    SOURCE: Aljazeera



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