Yemen in security pact with Bahrain

Yemen has signed a security agreement with Bahrain aimed at fighting terrorism and exchanging intelligence, the official SABA news agency says.

    Yemen has cracked down on al-Qaida since 9/11

    Under the accord signed on Monday, the two countries will cooperate in "combating crime and terrorism, swapping intelligence, training, and exchanging expertise", the news agency said.

    It said the pact was inked by Yemeni Interior Minister Rashad al-Alimi and his visiting Bahraini counterpart, Sheikh Rashed al-Khalifa.

    Under US pressure, Yemen has cracked down on Al-Qaida sympathisers in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

    Sanaa has concluded a number of security pacts with Gulf Arab states, including Saudi Arabia.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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