On-the-spot reports from Aljazeera

The following are extracts from reports by Aljazeera correspondents covering the evacuation of Israel's settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

    No serious clashes have taken place during the operation

    Shirin Abu Aqla, Neve Dekalim settlement:

    This is the largest settlement in southern Gaza and extreme right-wing settlers have blocked the roads leading to it.

    Entering this settlement has been difficult despite its proximity to Gaza's borders.

    Even the Israeli army has not entered to hand over eviction orders because of the numerous barricades erected by Jewish settlers.
    The situation is calm at the main gate where the settlers have gathered to prevent the Israeli army from entering.
    About 2600 settlers are living in this settlement, but out of 500 families only 25% are expected to voluntarily evacuate.

    A security officer stands guard as
    illegal homes are pulled down

    A number of young people and Jewish extremists have arrived here to hamper the Israeli army's efforts to evacuate the settlement.
    So far, no clashes have occurred between the Israeli army and the settlers.
    Some settlers have manhandled journalists but the Israeli army appeared reluctant to use force against settlers. The atmosphere is tense and strained. 

    Wael al-Dahdouh from Kfar Daroum: The situation here is normal and calm. Here farming is a major income source, making evacuation more difficult.
    There are around 500 families in the settlement of whom 30% to 50% have voluntarily evacuated their homes. Palestinian security sources say that around 50% of those remaining will leave voluntarily, al-Dahdouh said.
    Samir Abu Shammala from Khan Yunus: Palestinian security forces have been deployed in the vicinity of Jewish settlements in southern Gaza. The Palestinian security forces will take control of the territories after the Israeli evacuation.

    Palestinian security stops a
    protester near Neve Dekalim

    The Palestinian security forces are responsible for the land and public property reclaimed from the settlers after evacuation. The atmosphere is positive and calm. Hamas has called for a prayer of thanks in the mosques because of the evacuation.
    Palestinian forces are deployed 150 to 200 metres away from the settlements.
    Other settlements set for evacuation are the Ghosh Qatif bloc which includes 15 to 16 settlements that take up a very large chunk of Palestinian land. Israeli troops have begun to dismantle checkpoints. This area is vital for Palestinians' freedom of access across the Gaza Strip.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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