Israeli rockets strike car in Gaza

An Israeli drone has fired two rockets at a car in the northern Gaza Strip, wounding one Palestinian as the occupants managed to flee the vehicle, Aljazeera reported.

    Seven Hamas fighters were killed on Friday in Israeli strikes

    One rocket slammed into the car in which at least three Hamas fighters were travelling on Sunday through the northern Gaza town of Bait Lahya - considered a stronghold of the resistance group, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said.


    The second rocket slammed into the garden of a neighbouring house, as the ruined car lay smouldering in the street, witnesses added.


    The occupants of the vehicle were seen running from the scene shortly after the explosion, in which one person was wounded by shrapnel, according to witnesses and security sources.




    It was not immediately clear whether the victim was a civilian or a member of Hamas.


    An Israeli military spokesman refused to comment on the strike, which came just hours after Israeli occupation troops shot dead two fighters elsewhere in the Gaza Strip.


    Seven Hamas fighters were killed on Friday in two Israeli air strikes over Gaza City and the northern West Bank, followed up by an incursion, in what were Israel's first targeted killings in seven months.


    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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