Second Israeli arrested over attack

Israeli police have arrested a second suspect for the attempted lynching of a Palestinian teenager in the Gaza Strip last week, Israeli military radio says.

    Israelis opposed to the pullout have been clashing with police

    The radio did not identify the suspect but said he was a 19-year-old from a settlement near Hebron in the West Bank.


    Israeli police said on Monday they had arrested a right-wing extremist, 18-year-old Shimshon Sitreen, suspected of taking part in the attempted lynching.


    Sitreen, who also lives in a settlement near Hebron in the West Bank, appeared in court on Monday and was remanded in custody for the attempted murder of 16-year-old Palestinian boy, Hilal Ziad al-Majaida.


    Al-Majaida was left critically ill after being stoned by a mob of young Israeli ultra-nationalists last Wednesday in Mawassi enclave near the Jewish settlement bloc of Gush Katif in southern Gaza.


    He was wounded during a series of clashes which erupted after a group of Israeli youths, all vehemently opposed to the re-deployment of Israeli occupation forces from Gaza and the removal of settlers from the area, took over an empty Palestinian house on the edge of the enclave.



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