Gaza rocket kills Israeli

A rocket fired from Gaza has killed a Israeli woman, hours after Israeli forces raided the home of a 67-year-old British citizen in the West Bank and killed a resistance fighter.

    Fischer met Qureia earlier on Thursday

    Two rockets exploded on Thursday afternoon in the village of
    Nativ Haasara. One hit a house and killed a woman in her 20s, the Israeli military said. The second destroyed a parked car.

    A Palestinian resistance group, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, said the rocket attack was retaliation for the killing of the resistance fighter.

    In an angry reaction, David Baker, an official in Prime
    Minister Ariel Sharon's office, charged that the Palestinian Authority was responsible because of its "refusal to fight terror".

    Early on Thursday, Israeli forces shot and killed a fighter in the West Bank city of Nablus in one of several arrest raids overnight.

    Israel says the Palestinian
    Authority must prevent attacks 

    The dead man, Mohammed Alassi, 28, was a local leader of the Islamic Jihad resistance group and was planning attacks against Israel, the army said. Others in Nablus said he was a member of a different resistance group, the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, linked to Abbas' Fatah movement.

    Nablus killing

    Soldiers surrounded the Nablus house where Alassi was staying and demanded he surrender, said Maj. Sharon Asman. Alassi and another resistance fighter fled, and the soldiers ordered them to stop.

    One man returned to the house and was arrested, but Alassi continued running and was shot and killed, he said.

    The raid took place at the home of Hannah Alassi, 67, a British citizen who moved to Nablus in 2002 and was not related to the fugitive.

    The army said Hannah Alassi was an activist who gave refuge to militants. Hannah Alassi said she was a journalist who made television documentaries and filed stories to radio stations and magazines on the Middle East conflict.


    "There will be no chance to establish an independent Palestinian state as long as violence and terrorism continue"

    Joschka Fischer,

    German Foreign Minister

    She said Mohammed Alassi was not in Islamic Jihad, but rather in Al Aqsa, a resistance group responsible for scores of attacks on Israelis but unconnected to the bombing in Netanya.

    Elsewhere in the West Bank overnight, Israeli forces arrested 10 other Islamic Jihad suspects, the military said.

    Fischer visit

    Visiting German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer on Thursday rapped the Palestinians for failing to stop resistance fighters .

    Using unusually strong language after meeting Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia, Fischer said, "Terrorism will have no positive results, and there will be no chance to establish an independent Palestinian state as long as violence and terrorism continue."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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