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PA releases Islamic Jihad fighters

The Palestinian Authority has released a member of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement.

    Palestinian security is to release six more Islamic Jihad members

    The total number of resistance fighters released within the past week now stands at three.


    Khalid Al-Batsh, a prominent Islamic Jihad leader, said the movement had reached an agreement with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during a recent meeting in Gaza on releasing nine Islamic Jihad activists detained in a Palestinian prison in Jericho.


    He said those released would remain in Jericho until Israel pulled out of their home town of Qalqaliya in the northern West Bank.


    The nine Islamic Jihad activists were detained in the wake of a bombing operation in a Tel Aviv nightclub on 25 February, in which five Israeli soldiers were killed.


    The attack was claimed by the Islamic Jihad resistance group.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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