Key events after al-Hariri's death

Samir Kassir, a prominent anti-Syrian journalist of An-Nahar newspaper was killed in Beirut on Thursday when a bomb destroyed his car, security sources said.

    Samir Kassir was killed by a bomb on Thursday in Beirut

    Here is a chronology of the main events in Lebanon since former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri was killed in February.


    14 February, 2005 - Al-Hariri is killed by bomb in Beirut.


    16 February - At least 150,000 Lebanese turn al-Hariri's funeral into outpouring of anger against Syria.


    28 February - Prime Minister Omar Karami resigns amid anti-Syrian protests.




    2 March - Opposition demands withdrawal of Syrian troops.


    5 March - President Bashar al-Assad tells the Syrian parliament that troops will start phased pullout from Lebanon.


    6 March – Hizb Allah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says his fighters will not disarm as Lebanon needs them to deter Israel.


    7 March - Assad and Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, meeting in Damascus, say they respect all Security Council resolutions, including one demanding that foreign forces quit Lebanon.


    8 March - Lebanese flood central Beirut for big pro-Syrian rally organised by Hizb Allah. Syrian troops begin redeploying.


    10 March - Lahoud reappoints Karami to form government.


    In March Nasrallah said
    Hizb Allah will not disarm

    14 March - Anti-Syrian protesters stage huge demonstration, Lebanon's biggest since al-Hariri's killing.


    16 March - Syrian intelligence agents vacate Beirut headquarters.


    19 March - Bomb in Christian suburb of Beirut wounds 11 people.


    23 March - Bomb kills three people in Christian town of Kaslik, north of Beirut.




    13 April - Karami resigns again after failing to form cabinet to supervise elections.


    15 April - Lahoud appoints moderate Syrian ally Najib Mikati as prime minister-designate.


    19 April - Mikati forms new government.


    25 April - Pro-Syrian security chief Jamil al-Sayyed resigns.


    26 April - Last Syrian soldiers leave Lebanon.




    4 May - Mikati, on first official visit to Damascus, says Lebanon and Syria want to put relations on right track.


    7 May - Michel Aoun, Maronite Christian and staunch foe of Syria, returns to hero's welcome after 14 years of exile.


    Michel Aoun returned to Lebanon
    in May after 14 years in exile

    15 May - Saad al-Hariri, son of assassinated former prime minister, unveils his candidate list for elections.


    23 May - UN team verifies withdrawal of Syrian troops.


    29 May - Parliamentary elections take place in Beirut in first of staggered regional polls on four successive Sundays.


    The candidate list led by al-Hariri wins all 19 seats in Beirut.




    2 June - Samir Kassir, a prominent ant-Syrian journalist of An-Nahar newspaper, is killed in a car bomb in the Ashrafiyeh neighbourhood of Beirut. 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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