US soldiers charged with Afghan abuse

The US Army has charged three more soldiers for alleged misconduct at an Afghanistan detention facility in 2002.

    Abuse allegations have tainted US soldiers in Afghanistan

    The three charged on Friday were Sergeant Selena Salcedo and Sergeant Joshua Claus, both stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; and Sergeant Anthony M Morden of the US Army Reserve's 377th Military Police Company in Cincinnati.

    Salcedo was charged with assault, dereliction of duty, maltreatment and false official statement.

    Claus and Morden were charged with assault, maltreatment and false official statement.

    They are subjects in the US Army Criminal Investigation Division reports regarding the 2002 deaths of two Afghan detainees at the Bagram Control Point in Afghanistanit was said in a statement.

    Review of charges

    The investigating officer now will review the charges and decide the next step, which could include anything from a reprimand to a court-martial, said Fort Bliss spokeswoman Jean Offutt.

    Private First Class Willie Brand is facing a general court-martial on charges related to the deaths.

    Brand also is a member of the Cincinnati-based 377th Military Police Company.

    Specialist Brian Cammack, also of the 377th, faces a special court-martial on charges of assault, maltreatment and making a false official statement.

    A general court-martial is more serious and requires an Article 32 investigation, the military equivalent of a grand jury.

    A special court-martial does not require an Article 32.

    Brand's lawyers have asked a military judge to reopen his Article 32 investigation.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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