Israeli airstrike injures two

Two Palestinian civilians have been wounded after an unmanned Israeli drone fired three missiles into occupied Gaza.

    Two women were wounded in the Israeli missile attack

    Witnesses and security sources said the drone had attempted to target a group of Palestinian resistance fighters as they prepared to launch home-made rockets into Israel on Monday.

    However, the occupation force's drone missed its target and hit two women. They were admitted into hospital but are in stable condition, medics said.

    An Israeli military source confirmed the attack on the Jabalya

    refugee camp east of Gaza City.

    "A terrorist cell was identified preparing to launch a mortar attack," the source said. "The air force targeted the launchers, and at least two were hit."

    Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian resistance group,

     said its men were targeted

    as they fired rockets across the Gaza boundary into Israel.

    There was no immediate word of casualties from their salvo.

    Violence has simmered in Gaza, which Israel plans to quit in mid-August,

     despite a ceasefire declared last February between Israel and Palestinian resistance groups.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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