Iraq government hits snag

The announcement of the new Iraqi government will be further delayed, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has said.

    Talabani was interviewed by Turkey's CNN-Turk channel

    Talabani told Turkey's CNN-Turk channel in an interview on Thursday that negotiations on the makeup of the government were continuing.


    He said the stress was on the need for a consensus on the right of all communities in Iraq to be represented in the administration.


    "I think the government will not be announced today [Thursday], because there are still some differences," Talabani told CNN-Turk.


    Talks continuing


    "The negotiations are continuing," he said. "We want to see the Sunni Arabs in the cabinet. We want to see a national unity government."


    Talabani said talks were continuing between the future government partners on the allocation of some cabinet posts.


    The Iraqi leader on Wednesday said that Prime Minister-designate Ibrahim al-Jafari would announce the cabinet line up on Thursday, more than 11 weeks after general elections in January.



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