Aljazeera to launch new service

Aljazeera will launch a new service later this week that will air unedited live conferences and other gatherings.

    Aljazeera's Managing Director Wadah Khanfar (L)

    "Aljazeera is preparing to launch yet another first in Arab broadcasting in the shape of Aljazeera Live, a new specialised media service that will air live conferences, meetings, discussions and other gatherings covering political, social, cultural, economic and other issues of relevance," a press release said.

    The service, which will use neither anchor people nor an editing process, is expected to start transmission on 15 April, and will take in the Aljazeera Television Production Festival, an event planned to be held in Doha on 18-21 April, as one of its early broadcasts, the statement said.

    Managing Director Wadah Khanfar said the service would initially be received via the Arabsat satellite, but plans were afoot to use other satellites at a later stage.

    Apart from its flagship Arabic news channel, Aljazeera has a sports channel and plans to launch an English-language channel, Aljazeera International, later this year. Documentary and children's channels are also in the pipeline.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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