Video shows US captive in Iraq

An American citizen who was taken captive in Iraq on Sunday has pleaded for his life in a video broadcast on Aljazeera.

    Iraqi police have had little success in ending kidnappings

    The tape on Wednesday showed a man sitting behind a wooden desk as three men pointed their guns towards him.

    He was holding what looked like a passport and a photo identification. 

    In the video broadcast, US contractor Jeffrey Ake pleaded with the US administration to open a dialogue

    with the "Iraqi resistance" and to work towards saving his life.

    Appearing in the tape aired by Aljazeera two days after his abduction, the

    American also urged US forces to pull out of Iraq.

    Aljazeera said the statements appeared to have been made made under abnormal


    The US embassy spokesman in Baghdad - Bob Callahan - confirmed the captive's name as Jeffrey Ake and that the pictures seemed to be consistent with his appearance, but declined to give further details.

    No group has claimed responsibility for the abduction.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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