Aljazeera TV Production Festival

Under the patronage of his Excellency Shaikh Hamad bin Thamir Al Thani, Chairman, Board of Directors, Aljazeera Satellite Channel, Aljazeera Television Production Festival will be held on Monday 18 April through Thursday 21 April 2005 at the Doha Sheraton Hotel, Doha, Qatar.


    Wadah Khanfar (Director, Aljazeera Satellite Channel): Festival  President

    Abbas Arnaut: Festival Executive Director

    Jasem Ibrahim Fakhro: Media & Public Relations

    Hamad al-Nuaimi: Marketing

    Ali Salem: Engineering

    Ahmad Ashour: Graphics

    Eligible participants

    - Arab satellite channels/Arab television stations

    - Arab production institutions

    - Independent individuals

    - Non-Arab channels and foreign private companies may exhibit their work without participating in festival competitions.

    Note: Only Arabic-speaking production houses are eligible to participate in festival competitions.

    Events and activities

    - A number of media figures who have played an outstanding role in television work will be feted

    - Television production competitions

    - Media seminars

    - A television production marketplace

    Areas of competition

    Competitions cover the following fields:

    Social topics
    Current affairs and topical programmes
    Investigative reports
    Talk shows
    Channel and programme promotion

    - Documentaries: Portrayal of facts through use of video tape and/or cinema technology. Maximum duration: 60 minutes.

    - Social topics: Tackling human or social issues with emphasis on problems, solutions and development. Maximum duration: 60 minutes.

    - Current affairs and social programmes: Current affairs, tackling political or social issues with analysis of their various aspects. Maximum duration: 60 minutes.

    - Features: Conveying a clear picture of an event in a maximum duration of seven minutes.

    - Talk shows: Based on dialogue in form and presentation of subject under discussion. Maximum duration: 60 minutes.

    - Promotions: Promoting concepts that achieve objectives of service to the public. Maximum duration: three minutes.

    - Channel and programme promotions: Promoting an individual channel or programme. Maximum duration: two minutes.


    Three awards will be given:

    Gold Award
    Silver Award
    Bronze Award

    For documentaries:

    1 Television script
    2 Film direction
    3 Technology
    4 Best work

    Gold Palm Tree
    Silver Palm Tree

    Social programmes

    To be given to best programme: 

    Gold Palm Tree
    Silver Palm Tree 

    News Programmes

    To be given in the fields of:

    Current affairs
    Talk shows

    Gold Palm Tree

    Best promotion
    Best programme promotion
    Best channel promotion

    Jury panelists select three individuals to be honoured with special awards for their outstanding work in three categories, namely:

    Best work


    Jury panels will comprise seasoned media personalities with proven experience and will be nominated by channels participating in the festival.

    A directory listing and introducing jury panelists will be produced.

    Artistic productions of jury panelists may not participate in festival competitions.

    Festival management will reward jury panelists.

    Each jury panel will be headed by a renowned artist or media person recognisable for his or her achievements in the artistic or media field concerned.

    Side events

    - Opening ceremony: Evening of Monday 18 April 2005

    - Introduction of individuals receiving honorary awards

    - Closing ceremony will be held on Thursday 21 April 2005

    - Presentation of honorary awards

    - Presentation of competition awards


    - Daily bulletin: A daily follow-up of festival events, activities and leading figures.
    - Introduction to honoured individuals: A bulletin introducing honoured individuals and their achievements. 

    Will cover festival programmes and be an introduction to participants and participating works.
    Festival website:



    - The first seminar will be held on Tuesday 19 April 2005

    - The second will be held on Wednesday 20 April 2005

    Participation terms

    - A participant may not submit more than two works per category

    - Television works submitted must have been produced on or after 1 January 2003

    - A complete copy of each work is to be sent on (VHS) tape to be reviewed by jury, in addition to another (super Betacam or digital) copy

    - Each work should be attached with synopsis explaining concept and details of the work in addition to a collection of still photographs to be used in festival bulletins and publications

    - Each participant must send a tape (digital or super Betacam) recording three minutes' duration of selected shots of each work to be shown as a promotion and in festival closing ceremony in case the work wins a festival award.

    - Before sending works submitted to competitions, any advertisements or promotions that may have been included in the work should be removed

    - A special participation form should be filled out and submitted

    - To participate please contact the Marketing Department on +974 483 2767 or fax +974 483 4089 or email


    Subscription fee: US$300 (three hundred US dollars only) per work.

    Subscription fee to be transferred to:

    Account No: 0027-053533-001
    Qatar National Bank
    Western Gulf Branch
    Doha, Qatar
    Swift Code: QNBAQAQA

    A photocopy of subscription fee transaction to be attached to the participating work.

    Aspiring participants may apply for exemption of payment of subscription fee subject to approval by festival management.

    Festival guests 

    Recipients of honorary awards: Individuals with outstanding  achievements
    Guests of honour: Media figures

    Participants: Individuals with outstanding media creativity

    Participants in festival competitions, marketplace and side shows are offered the following advantages:

    - Discounts on flight rates to and from Doha, Qatar, on Qatar Airways

    - Discounts on room rates in hotels that are among the festival's sponsors

    - Complimentary transportation to and from festival venue


    Kindly forward all correspondence to:

    Abbas Arnaout
    Director, Production Centre
    Production Centre
    Al Jazeera Satellite Channel
    PO Box 24123
    Doha, Qatar
    Fax: + 974 4873476

    + 974 4877097
    + 974 4890890

    Tapes of works participating in the festival should be sent to the following address:

    Production Centre
    Al Jazeera Satellite Channel
    PO Box 24123
    Doha, Qatar

    Hotel reservation requests should be sent to the following address:

    Media & Public Relations Management

    Al Jazeera Satellite Channel
    PO Box 24123
    (Hotel Reservations, Al Jazeera Television Production Festival)

    Participation Terms

    The Marketplace

    A media marketplace will be organised with the purpose of expanding cooperation in the field of production among participants. It also aims to familiarise participants with production institutions and their products.

    The marketplace will be organised on Monday 18 April 2005 through Thursday 21 April 2005 at the Doha Sheraton Hotel, alongside the festival competitions.

    The following institutions are eligible to participate in the marketplace:

    - Arab satellite channels
    - Foreign channels visiting the festival
    - Official and independent television organisations
    - Commercial institutions working in media field
    - Computer, communications and internet companies

    Private producers

    Festival management provides the following services to participants upon request:

    - Display unit equipped according to required features

    - Marketplace directory listing and introducing participants

    - A sign at display location in Arabic and English indicating the name of participating company or institution

    - Providing participants with display boards for pictures and publications

    - Making available a number of staff members and technicians to help participants display their production

    - Complimentary transportation to and from festival and marketplace venues

    - Discounts offered to festival participants in hotels sponsoring the festival and discounts on Qatar Airways flight rates between participants' country and Doha, Qatar.

    Official Airline

    Official Bank

    Media Partner

    Salam Media Cast

    Official Cars

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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