Iraqi cabinet list

The new Iraqi cabinet accommodates almost all ethnic, religious and sectarian groups in the country.

    Al-Jafari has yet to allot five portfolios

    The cabinet comprises 16 Shias, eight Kurds, five Sunnis, one Christian and one Turkman. Six portfolios are yet to be allocated.


    It consists of Ibrahim al-Jafari as prime minister, four deputy prime ministers (two of whom are yet to be named)representing each of the main groups, and 32 ministers. Together they will run the country until elections planned for December.


    The following is the list of ministers with affiliations in brackets:


    Prime Minister: Ibrahim al-Jafari (Shia)

    Deputy Prime Minister: Ahmad Chalabi (Shia)

    Deputy Prime Minister: Raus Noori Shawys (Kurd)

    Deputy Prime Minister: Unamed

    Deputy Prime Minister: Unamed


    Acting Defence Minister: Ibrahim al-Jafari

    Interior Minister: Baqir Solagh Jabur (Shia-Turkman)

    Foreign Minister: Hushyar Zibari (Kurd)

    Finance Minister: Ali Abd al-Amir Allawi (Shia)

    Acting Oil Minister: Ahmad Chalabi

    Acting Electricity Minister: Raus Noori Shawys

    Reconstruction and Housing Minister: Jassim Muhammad Jaafar (Shia)

    Education Minister: Abd al-Falah Hassan (Shia)

    Higher Education Minister: Sami al-Mudhafar (Shia)

    Health Minister: Abd al-Mutalib Muhammad Ali (Shia)

    Planning and Development Minister: Barham Saleh (Kurd)

    Communications Minister: Juwan Massoum (Kurd)

    Trade Minister: Abd al-Bassit Kareem Mawlud (Kurd)

    Acting Industry and Minerals Minister: Musleh al-Jibouri (Sunni)

    Agriculture Minister: Ali al-Bahadli (Shia)

    Justice Minister: Abd al-Hussain Shandal (Shia)

    Labour and Social Affairs Minister: Idris Hadi (Kurd)

    Water Resources Minister: Latif Rashid (Kurd)

    Transport Minister: Salam al-Maliki (Shia)

    Culture Minister: Noori Farhan al-Rawi (Sunni)

    Science and Technology Minister: Bassima Yussuf Bufrus (Christian)

    Immigrants and Expatriates Minister: Suhaila abd al-Jaafar (Shia)

    Sports and Youth Minister: Talib Aziz Zinni (Shia)

    Environment Minister: Nirmin Ottoman (Kurd)

    Acting Human Rights Minister: Nirmin Ottoman (Kurd)

    Municipalities and Public Works Minister: Nisirin Berwari (Kurd)

    State Minister for National Security: Abd al-Karim al-Anizzi (Shia)

    State Minister for Governorates Affairs:Saad Karim al-Hardan (Shia)

    State Minister for Civil Society: Alaa Habib Kadhum (Shia)

    State Minister for Women Affairs: Azhar al-Shaikhli (Sunni)

    State Minister for Tourism and Antiquities: Hashim al-Hashimi (Sunni)

    State Minister for National Assembly Affairs: Safuddin al-Safi (Shia)

    SOURCE: Agencies


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