Air traffic controllers protest in Egypt

Air traffic controllers in various Egyptian airports have joined in a protest launched by their colleagues at Cairo International Airport three days ago to ask for salary increases and annual social allowances.

    Protesters want salary increases and annual social allowances

    Controllers at airports of Ghardaqa, Sharm al-Shaikh, Taba and al-Uxur began a sit-in on Sunday, in solidarity with their colleagues in Cairo.

    The strikers staged another sit-in on Monday, warning they would protest until their demands were met, Aljazeera's office in Cairo learned.

    The sit-ins were being held in

    front of airport buildings.

    The strikers called on the authorities to improve their financial situation and restore what they call usurped rights.

    They also said they had been deprived the right of getting annual social allowances.

    The strikers said they did not fear arrest or any other punitive measures and would sacrifice for their goals, Aljazeera's reporter in Cairo added. 

    The air traffic in Egypt was not affected by the protest.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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