Mubarak warns against attacking Iran

Egyptian President Husni Mubarak has cautioned the United States against taking any military action against Iran, saying such a move could bring catastrophe to the entire region.

    The Egyptian president says a war could be catastrophic

    Mubarak was referring to US accusations that Iran has a secret programme to build nuclear arms, and Washington's past failure to completely rule out military action against Tehran.


    "We tell our American friends that we must distance ourselves from a destructive war," Mubarak said on Thursday.


    "I think a military initiative could constitute a catastrophe for the entire region."


    Iran says its nuclear programme is for civilian purposes only, and is in discussions with France, Germany and Britain to obtain guarantees through diplomacy.


    Syrian question


    Talks on Wednesday in Paris were held in a "constructive and positive climate", the French Foreign Ministry said.

    Mubarak makes annual visits to
    France to discuss regional issues


    Addressing Syria's pullout from Lebanon, Mubarak said that Syria's leader would announce an agenda for the withdrawal of troops and intelligence services "within a week".


    Syrian President Bashar al-Asad will spell out "an agenda for the withdrawal of all his forces", Mubarak said.


    Mubarak was in Paris on Thursday for lunch with French President Jacques Chirac.


    Al-Asad "is determined to withdraw his troops as well as Syrian intelligence services present in Lebanon", Mubarak said. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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