Yemen seeks Arab League leadership

Yemen will put forward the candidacy of prominent politician and economist Yasin Said Numan to succeed Amr Musa as secretary-general of the Arab League next year, a political source has said.

    Amr Musa's term as secretary-general will end in May 2006

    Numan, a former parliament speaker and a member of the Yemeni Socialist Party, will be proposed by the Yemeni government as a successor to Musa, an ex-Egyptian foreign minister whose term ends in May 2006, the source told AFP. on Saturday

    "As a founder member of the Arab League, Yemen is entitled to seek the post of secretary-general," the source said.

    Numan's candidacy would also be in line with moves towards reforming the Arab League to make the 22-member body more in tune with the aspirations of the Arab people and regional and international changes, the Yemeni source added.



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