Palestinians want Arab peace activated

A Palestinian minister has urged Arab leaders to translate the Arab summit resolutions on the ground in order to activate the Arab peace initiative.

    Abbas: al-Qadhafi's "idiots" comment is unacceptable

    Palestinian Local Governing Minister Khalid al-Qawasmi told Aljazeera on Thursday that Palestinian leaders highly appreciate the positions adopted by Arab leaders in Algiers summit and "look forward to implementing the resolutions on the ground to activate the Arab peace initiative and push peace process forward."

    Speaking to Aljazeera from Ram Allah, al-Qawasmi described the Arab role as essential in supporting the peace process.

    Israel rejection

    Al-Qawasmi also accused Israel for rejecting the Arab peace initiative, saying that Israel had always remained defiant to international calls to end the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    "Israel has been rejecting the UN Security Council's resolutions, the Arab peace initiative and many initiatives urging it to end Arab-Israel conflict.

    "However, a serious Arab stance backed by an international support will force Israel to abide," added al-Qawasmi.


    When asked about Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi's speech at the Arab summit in Algiers, in which he describe the Palestinians as "idiots", Al-Qawasmi said al-Qadhafi's comment does not reveal the Arab ambition.

    Al-Qadhafi said both Palestinians

    and Israelis are idiots 

    "unfortunately the speech was inappropriate,  so I think it is better not to comment on this matter so as to preserve good Palestinian-Libyan and Arab-Arab relations to serve the Palestinian cause," he said.

    In another interview with Aljazeera, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas also belittled al-Qadhafi's speech

    Abbas said such an expression is unacceptable, but he generally respects al-Qadhafi's viewpoints.

    In his address at the Arab summit in Algiers on Wednesday, Al-Qadhafi described both Palestinians and Israelis as "idiots" - Israelis for neglecting the West Bank for 20 years and the Palestinians for never thinking to establish a state there.

    Al-Qadhafi also said he would not recognise Israel and the future Palestinian state, suggesting instead the establishment of one democratic state for both peoples after allowing the return of Palestinian refugees and after Israel gives up its weapons of mass destruction.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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