Military affairs for Beijing schools

All high schools, colleges and universities in the Chinese capital Beijing will add military affairs teachers to their staff this year, state media has reported.

    Pilot programmes in 36 schools were regarded as a success

    Their goal will be to teach military affairs, theories and knowledge to their young audience, the Xinhua news agency said on Monday.

    The programme has already been tried out in pilot programmes covering 36 schools in Beijing, and the experiment has been so successful it will now be implemented across the city, according to Xinhua.

    To make sure there are enough teachers to fill the empty slots at the capital's schools, 200 military affairs teachers will be trained during the first half of this year, the agency said.

    Xinhua did not provide an explanation on why the programme was considered necessary.

    One reason could be a wish to encourage more well-educated people to join the armed forces, which are in the process of reducing the quantity, but improving the quality, of the rank and file.



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