Envoy denies Israeli Hizb Allah claim

A Palestinian envoy sent to Lebanon has denied he met members of Hizb Allah to call on the resistance group to stop operations against the Israeli army.

    Hizb Allah is a Islamist resistance group based in Lebanon

    Israeli political sources claimed on Wednesday that Abd al-Fatah Hamayal was sent by Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas for talks with Hizb Allah leaders in a bid to stop them trying to wreck a Middle East ceasefire.
    But Hamayal told reporters shortly before leaving Beirut: "I did not see any Hizb Allah officials as the Israeli media claims. And there was never any question that I was charged with transmitting any sort of message."
    Israeli accusations

    Israel has consistently accused Hizb Allah of co-ordinating with the attacks of Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the Israeli army in the occupied territories.
    And a Palestinian political source said Hamayal would try and persuade the group to give Abbas a chance to advance the peace process with Israel after a landmark summit was held at Sharm al-Shaikh.

    During discussions at the Red Sea resort in Egypt, the two sides pledged to a ceasefire to help bring to an end the four year intifada that has been raging against Israeli occupation. 
    "My mission in Lebanon was limited to delivering a message from the head of the Palestinian Authority to the Lebanese president and having meetings with Palestinians in southern Lebanon," Hamayal added.
    Stirring up trouble

    An official with Abbas's Fatah faction in Lebanon also accused Israel of trying to stir up trouble between the Palestinian Authority and Hizb Allah, which fought against Israel's occupation of south Lebanon for more than two decades. 
    "The Israelis are trying to spark a crisis between the Palestinian Authority and Hizb Allah," said Sultan Abu al-Ainayn. 
    "The Palestinian delegations which came to Lebanon didn't have any meetings with Hizb Allah on their agenda, only meetings with Lebanese officials to inform them of regional developments," he said.
    "The Palestinians are not accusing Hizb Allah of supporting military operations by Hamas or any other Palestinian movement."



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