Iraqi TV presenter seized in Mosul

Armed fighters in Iraq have abducted a female Iraqi television presenter in the northern city of Mosul, an official from her local television network has said.

    A number of journalists were kidnapped by fighters in Iraq

    The news that Raida Muhammad Wajih Wazan had been abducted came the same day that two Indonesian journalists were released.

    Wazan, who works for a branch of the local station Iraqiya, was taken by several masked armed men on Sunday night while she was returning to her house in Mosul's al-Shahwan neighbourhood, said an official on Monday. 

    No other details were immediately available. 

    Last Wednesday, half a dozen mortar rounds were fired at the Mosul TV station, wounding three technicians working there.

    An Arabic-language internet bulletin board carried a statement from a group in Iraq alleged to be affiliated to al-Qaida claiming responsibility for the mortar strike, but there was no way to verify the veracity of the claim.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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