Al-Hariri's death exploited, some say

The call by the Lebanese opposition for the resignation of the government in the wake of former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri's assassination is being seen in some quarters as an exploitation the situation.

    Lebanese MP Nasir Qindil says al-Hariri was a friend of Syria

    Speaking to Aljazeera from Beirut on Thursday, Nasir Qindil, a Lebanese member of parliament, said: "Only God knows where Lebanon is being directed to." He said he hoped wisdom would prevail and prevent adverse consequences to the country.


    "We should discern the attempts to exploit the assassination for internal political purposes and to globalise the issue under the guise of UN resolution 1559," Qindil said.


    UN resolution 1559 calls for the withdrawal of all foreign forces, implying Syrian troops, from Lebanon. Syria has 14,000 troops in Lebanon and is seen as a regional powerbroker.


    Qindil pointed out that some politicians in their speeches before al-Hariri's assassination had attacked the former prime minister.




    The member of parliament said it was normal for the Lebanese government to feel responsible for the assassination of al-Hariri.


    Qindil regretted that the opposition had not given a thought to the national interest and its accusations against the government indicated it had not given room for the "language of the intellect".

    "We should rely on the moderate voice of al-Hariri's family that has been brought up on morals, values and principles and not on the extremist voices of the opposition"

    Nasir Qindil,
    Lebanese MP

    In comparison, he said, the United States had been more reasonable in its reaction. Washington talked of the need for a credible investigation to uncover the criminals behind the assassination, and its hope that the Lebanese government would go about the task in all seriousness.


    "We should rely on the moderate voice of al-Hariri's family that has been brought up on morals, values and principles and not on the extremist voices of the opposition," Qindil said.


    Syrian position


    On the Syrian position and presence in Lebanon and the choices it had after the assassination, he said: "The Syrian leadership had very friendly and strategic relations with the late al-Hariri."


    The reasons that prevented al-Hariri from forming a new government were known to those close to him, and was something that the Syrian leadership could do nothing about, Qindil said.


    Syria stands to lose from the death of al-Hariri who partnered Syria in international forums, he added.


    He pointed out that al-Hariri had mediated in several crises that cropped up between Syria and the US and between Syria and the European Union.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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