Sudan re-arrests freed party officials

Sudanese police have re-arrested three senior officials of the opposition Popular Congress party of Hassan al-Turabi, soon after a court dismissed charges against them for planning a coup last March, a defence lawyer said.

    Al-Turabi criticised the re-arrests

    The lawyer Kamal Omar on Wednesday said Khartoum criminal court, which is trying 28 party members, ordered the release of Jibreil al-Nayal, Ali Shamar, Ibrahim Muhammad Sultan, Nur Eddin Adam Ali and Barud Sandal for lack of evidence.


    "While they were going through the procedures of their release in Kober Prison, al-Nayal, Sultan and Ali were collected by the security and taken to an unknown place," Omar said, in what was "defiance of a judicial order."


    Aljazeera correspondent quoting the party chief  al-Turabi, who is under arrest, described the re-arrest of the three members as "getting around the court ruling".

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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