Oil pipeline destroyed in north Iraq

An oil pipeline in northern Iraq has been set ablaze after fighters blew it up in the latest attack against the country's vital oil industry.

    Fighters regularly have targeted Iraq's oil infrastructure

    The pipeline, which connects oilfields in Dibis with the northern city of

    Kirkuk, 35km to the southeast, was destroyed late on

    Friday, an official of the state-run North Oil Co said.

    He said it would take at least four days to repair the line.

    Fighters often target Iraq's oil infrastructure, cutting

    exports and denying the country funds.

    Also on Saturday, fighters detonated a roadside bomb in the west of the city,

    killing two civilians who were passing by in a vehicle at the time. Their

    slumped bodies could be seen in a small white car littered with holes from

    flying shrapnel, its windshield smashed by

     the blast.

    It was not clear what the target of the attack was. US Lt-Col Clifford

    Kent said a US tank was nearby at the time, but it was not damaged.

    "While we were going to work, we just arrived near those tanks, the blast

    occurred. And as you see, blood soaked us for doing nothing," Muhammad

    al-Dulaimi told reporters

    Body found

    In the northern city of Mosul, residents found the body of Raida

    Muhammad Wajih Wazan, a presenter for the local state TV station, who had been

    missing since 20 February when she was kidnapped by masked fighters, her husband

    Salim Sad-Allah said.

    Her corpse was found on Friday. She had been shot in the


    Iraqi security personnel are very
    often targeted by armed fighters

    South of Baghdad, a car bomb exploded near a convoy of Iraqi National

    Guard troops in Iskandariya, witnesses said. No casualties were reported.

    Separately, a

    n Iraqi soldier was killed and five others injured on Saturday when a car bomb exploded as an Iraqi military convoy passed through al-Musayib area in southern Baghdad, Aljazeera learned. 


    Ramadi clashes

    In another incident on Saturday, two Iraqis were killed and seven others injured during clashes between fighters and US forces in Ramadi. 


    US forces have cordoned off the eastern parts of the city, calling on residents through loudspeakers to cooperate with them in what they say is an effort to force Abu Musab al-Zarqawi out of the city. 

    Separately, US forces and the Iraqi army launched a raid and search operations into areas near Falluja, Aljazeera learned.  

    US forces were deployed in al-Saqlawiya and Amiriyat Falluja towns and nearby villages. They arrested Shaikh Ahmad Abd Allah al-Muhammadi, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, and a number of residents.  

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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