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Spanish king in Morocco to boost trade

King Juan Carlos of Spain has chaired a meeting of nearly 300 Spanish and Moroccan business leaders in a bid to encourage investment and trade between the two neighbours, officials say.

    King Juan Carlos was on a three-day visit

    The king was on the third and last day of a state visit to Morocco hailed on both sides of the Mediterranean as a major step in renewing links that had tarnished over recent years. 

    Workshops and discussion groups covered investment in new technologies, agro-business, property development and public projects at the meeting on Wednesday staged by employers' organisations of both countries. 

    Leading partner

    Spain is Morocco's leading trading partner behind former colonial power France and it rivals France in the amount of investment in Morocco. 

    Economic ties are expected to improve with the warming atmosphere since the election of socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in March. 

    Zapatero succeeded Jose Maria Aznar, who had poor relations with Morocco.



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