Saudi mosque bombing bid foiled

Saudi security forces are hunting three men suspected to be al-Qaida members after thwarting what they believe was an attempt to blow up a mosque in the kingdom, a newspaper said.

    Riyadh has been battling an insurgency since May 2003

    Acting on a tip-off late on Wednesday night that three men were behaving suspiciously near a mosque, 

    police converged on al-Muwaya area but the suspects fled, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported on its website.

    The three, referred to by police as members of a deviant group - usually a reference to Usama bin Ladin's al-Qaida which is seeking to overthrow the Saudi ruling family - fled in a white jeep, the paper said.

    The men were apparently seen with some wires at a mosque near a police station on the

    road from Riyadh to Taif in the west of the country.

    The incident came on the eve of the Muslim holy day of Eid

    al-Adha, with more than two million pilgrims in the kingdom to perform the Hajj.

    Saudi Arabia has been battling a wave of attacks blamed on al-Qaida members and

    sympathisers that has claimed more than 100 lives and wounded

    hundreds since May 2003.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera


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