Afghan crash claims US marine's life

A US marine has died in a road accident in southeastern Afghanistan while two other American military members have been injured in a traffic incident near Kabul, a military official said.

    More than 17,000 US-led troops are stationed in Afghanistan

    The marine, whose name was not disclosed, died on Wednesday when his military Humvee rolled over on a road in Paktika province near the Pakistani border, US military spokesman Major Mark McCann told reporters on Thursday. 

    Two other US military personnel, a marine and an airman, were injured on the same day when their vehicle crashed into a truck on a road linking Kabul to the main US-led military headquarters at Bagram Air Base, north of the capital. 

    "The airman was taken to Bagram, then to Germany for treatment," the major said. 

    Another US soldier suffered "minor cuts" when an improvised bomb planted by suspected Taliban fighters exploded near a military convoy in northeastern Kunar province, according to McCann.



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