Child killed by Israeli troops

Israeli occupation soldiers have shot dead a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during confrontations with protesters in a refugee camp in the West Bank town of Jenin.

    Israeli troops opened fire on stone-throwing youths

    An Israeli military source said the soldiers had responded after coming under fire, but Palestinians said the protesters were only throwing stones.

    Palestinian witnesses said the soldiers had come under a hail of stones thrown from rooftops as they were searching for resistance fighters in the camp.

    The troops opened fire killing Ibrahim Muhammad Ismail, 12, medics at a hospital in Jenin said.

    The military source said soldiers had opened fire during protests by hundreds of Palestinians against a raid in the northern West Bank camp, but could not confirm whether anyone was shot.

    The clashes erupted amid fears of a power vacuum in the Palestinian territories with ailing Palestinian President Yasir Arafat absent for the first time in a decade, after being flown to Paris on Friday for medical treatment.
    Elsewhere in the West Bank, three Palestinian fighters shot and slightly wounded a security guard near the Jewish settlement of Psagot, outside the town of Ram Allah, and then fled the scene, an Israeli military spokesman said. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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