Six Palestinians dead after Israeli raids

On a day of widespread attacks, Israeli occupation forces have killed six Palestinians, including a fighter in Gaza, and raided a hospital and a refugee camp in the West Bank.

    The leader of Nasir Salah al-Din escaped death in the attack

    A Palestinian resistance fighter was killed and three others wounded on Monday near the Khan Yunus refugee camp in an Israeli helicopter strike on a car in Gaza, Aljazeera reported.


    The fighter, Ali al-Shaair of Nasir Salah al-Din, the military wing of the umbrella group, Popular Resistance Committees, was killed in the strike.


    Muhammad Abu Nasir, leader of Nasir Salah al-Din, and the apparent target was wounded along with two others.




    The group swiftly vowed revenge. "Thank God I am fine," said Abu Nasir, appearing at the window of the hospital where he was being treated.


    "He was my brother and soul mate. I wish I were in his place"

    Muhammad Abu Nasir,
    leader, Nasir Salah al-Din

    Addressing thousands of supporters waiting outside, he shouted: "We will pursue the fight against the enemies of God."


    Abu Nasir, referring to the fighter killed, said: "He was my brother and soul mate. I wish I were in his place."


    Israel has killed dozens of resistance fighters in similar strikes over the past four years.




    In the Gaza Strip, before the air strike, three Palestinians, including a man who stood at a school gate at the Khan Yunus refugee camp, were killed by Israeli troops.

    Israeli soldiers fired machine guns towards the camp, Palestinian security officials said. A 51-year-old civilian was killed as he stood at the gate of a local school. Three others were injured.


    The air strike was the latest in
    a series of such attacks

    Occupation troops also killed two Palestinians near the Jabalya refugee camp.


    The army said the Palestinians had been armed and in a no-go zone near the border fence with Israel.   


    Also in Gaza an Arab Israeli working as a translator for the US television channel CNN was seized by a group of armed men, witnesses said.


    Elsewhere in Palestine,

     two Palestinian youths were killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the Balata refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, Aljazeera's correspondent reported.


    Ahmad al-Tirawi and Ammar Dathaan lost their lives in fighting when Israeli forces raided the camp and sealed it.


    Rubber and stones


    Palestinian youths clashed with Israeli forces who were raiding the city on the pretext of a looking for "wanted Palestinians".


    Israeli troops searched each
    room in the Jenin hospital

    The Israeli forces used rubber bullets and tear gas bombs to disperse Palestinian youths who were throwing stones at vehicles and bulldozers, the correspondent said.


    Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces, backed by helicopters, raided the West Bank city of Jenin, including a hospital and nearby refugee camp.


    The army searched each room in the hospital, including the emergency ward, said the financial and administrative director of the hospital.


    Clashes erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters during the raid in the early hours of Monday, Aljazeera's correspondent reported.


    A curfew was imposed on the area with troops heavily deployed at all entrances into the city.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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