Israel raids West Bank towns

The Israeli occupation army has cracked down on West Bank villages following clashes between troops and stone throwing protestors.

    Israeli occupation forces clash with Jenin residents

    Israeli forces raided the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) office in Jenin on Saturday, Aljazeera's correspondent reported.

    Troops blew down the doors and confiscated documents from the PLF.

    The move follows a series of raids in West Bank villages.

    An Israeli army curfew was put into force on Saturday in four villages close to Jenin, including Jaba, Sandakumah and Asafa.

    The region has seen intense military activity since Tuesday's twin bus blasts, carried out by Hamas, in the southern Israeli city of Beir al-Saba.

    Reports said occupation troops were going house to house looking for suspects.

    An incursion into the nearby village of Yamun sparked a gun battle between Israeli troops and armed fighters.

    In the Fara refugee camp, a Palestinian was seriously wounded by Israeli fire.

    In the town of Tubas, troops were greeted by stone throwing protestors.

    The Israeli military declined to comment.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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