Remains of 249 found in Srebrenica

Forensic experts have found the remains of nearly 250 people believed to be victims of the Srebrenica massacre in a mass grave in the Bosnian village of Bljeceva.

    Some 18,000 bodies have been exhumed from various graves

    "We have exhumed 38 complete and 211 incomplete bodies," Commission for Missing People representative Murat Hurtic said on Thursday, bringing the total to 249. 

    Hurtic said documents found in the grave suggested it contained victims of the massacre of over 7000 Muslims by Serb forces at the eastern town of Srebrenica in 1995, Europe's worst post-World War II atrocity. 

    He added that the bodies were initially buried somewhere else and had been moved to Bljeceva to cover up the crime. 

    According to the International Committee of the Red Cross there are still some 16,000 people missing from Bosnia's war, which claimed more than 200,000 lives. Around 96% of the missing are Muslims. 

    So far some 18,000 bodies have been exhumed from over 300 mass graves throughout the country, over one third of those belonging to the Srebrenica massacre victims.



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