Palestinian crushed by Israeli jeep

Aljazeera has aired exclusive footage showing an Israeli military jeep crushing a Palestinian teenager under its wheels in the West Bank city of Ram Allah.

    The Israeli army jeep sped off after rolling Jad al-Haq over

    The video, which was aired on Friday, showed 18-year-old Muhammad Abd Allah Jad al-Haq being rolled over twice and left for dead while he was on his way home from the funeral of Amir Aidiya, a member of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, killed earlier in Jericho.


    The vehicle fled from the scene after

    running over Jad al-Haq.


    Separately, a resistance fighter with the armed movement Hamas has been killed in clashes with Israeli occupation troops in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian security sources and medics said. 

    The killing took place on Friday in the Jabaliya camp of the Gaza Strip. Sources identified the slain fighter as 34-year-old Abd Al-Aziz al-Ashqar, a local Hamas chief.


    Four other people were injured after Israeli tanks bombed the camp, Aljazeera's correspondent in Gaza reported.


    Missile fired


    Also on Friday, an Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile into the Jabaliya camp, wounding at least three Palestinians, witnesses and medics said. 


    Israel killed three resistance
    fighters in Gaza on Wednesday

    The airstrike came on the third day of a large Israeli incursion into the northern Gaza Strip, an operation the army said was aimed at stopping resistance fighters from firing makeshift rockets into southern Israel.


    Israeli forces have killed three resistance fighters and three
    civilians and wounded more than 70 people since the raid began on Wednesday when soldiers backed by tanks seized parts of the northern Gaza Strip.




    In another development, Israel has decided to impose a total closure over Palestinian territories starting on Friday morning as a "pre-emptive measure following at least 50 warnings of planned terror-attacks before and during the upcoming Jewish New Year and the high holidays next week", an Israeli military spokesman said.

    The closure will be imposed at least until after Yom Kippur fasting ends on September 25th.

    "The security belt imposed on people carrying Palestinian documents will be open only for humanitarian cases, and for the entry and exit of representatives of international organisations," Israeli military spokesman Eitan Arusi told

    The decision was made late on Thursday after a consultation between Minister of Defence Shaul Mofaz and senior security chiefs.

    Internal closures of the Palestinian territories are also in force with the Israeli army closing major roads in Gaza, effectively dividing it into three parts.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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