Iraqi 'human shields' flock to Najaf

About 2000 Iraqi civilian "volunteers" have formed a human shield around Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr in Najaf as US-led forces besiege the city.

    Thousands have sworn to protect the Imam Ali shrine

    The volunteers c

    heered al-

    Sadr in the marble-floored courtyard of

    the Imam Ali mosque on Monday in an impressive show of force


    Al-Sadr is holed up inside one of Shia Islam's most sacred shrines before an expected American-led offensive.

    Travelling to Najaf from across Iraq, the volunteers are swelling


    ranks of his supporters and could provide another reason for US

    troops to think twice before storming the shrine.

    "These people are a deterrent to the Americans because they

    are civilians. They are here so that the Americans won't attack

    the Imam Ali shrine," said Shaikh Ahmad al-Shaibani, a senior al-Sadr aide


    Protecting shrine 

    Any serious damage to the revered site would enrage millions of


    around the world

    . However, US commanders have said they do not intend to attack the shrine itself.

    The volunteers said they had no serious military training.

    But they seem ready to fire an AK-47 rifle or rocket-propelled

    grenade and use any means to try to block an advance by US

    tanks positioned in neighbourhoods near the shrine.

    "I will lie on the ground in front of tanks, or I will kill the Americans to defend al-Sadr and Najaf


    Fadil Hamid, volunteer

    "I will lie on the ground in front of the tanks, or I will

    kill the Americans to defend al-Sadr and Najaf," said Fadil Hamid,


    Last week, thousands of Iraqis staged pro-al-Sadr protests in

    several cities and called for the downfall of interim Prime

    Minister Iyad Allawi.

    Several of the volunteers referred to Allawi as Saddam

    Hussein the second, referring to the toppled former president accused of

    killing thousands of Shia.

    "Allawi you coward, you agent of the Americans," the crowd

    yelled. "Allawi we don't need you."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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