Disabled Palestinian shot dead in Gaza

A mentally disabled Palestinian woman was killed on Monday by Israeli fire in the southern Gaza Strip as she was walking towards a Jewish settlement.

    Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinians on a daily basis

    Palestinian security

    sources and medics

     named the casualty as 50-year-old Ghalia Yunis.


    said she had been shot several times when approaching the Israeli separation wall dividing

     the settlement of Ganei Tal from the Palestinian

    community of Qarara.

    An Israeli military source said the woman had been hit

    during exchanges between troops and "militants" who had been firing

    mortar rounds, anti-tank missiles and rockets at the nearby Gush

    Katif settlement bloc overnight.

    Israeli reaction

    However, he said it was not clear whether she had been hit by the

    soldiers or fire from the "militants".

    "During the night there were several attempts to fire mortar

    rounds, anti-tank missiles and Qassams (makeshift rockets) at Gush

    Katif," the source said.

    "The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) returned fire with light

    ammunition at the sources of fire without any identification of any

    hits of any kind (by the Israelis)."

    He added: "We did get reports at a certain point that a woman was hit and

    we arranged for an ambulance to evacuate her to hospital."



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