Nine dead in Ramadi blast

Nine people have been killed, including four foreigners, and 10 wounded after a vehicle was targeted in the western Iraqi town of Ramadi.

    Occupation forces were quick to close down the area

    Muhammad Jalal, a doctor in the neighbouring town of Falluja, said on Wednesday:

    "We have the bodies of five Iraqis and four foreigners...

    In addition, 10 injured

    Iraqis were admitted to our hospital."

    The doctor was unable to

    determine the nationality of the dead foreigners.

    Citing the local rescue services, he added that the four had

    been travelling in an all-terrain vehicle, typically favoured by US-led

    occupation forces in Iraq, which was badly damaged in the explosion.

    The US military said a blast took place in eastern Ramadi at

    around 0445 GMT but added that, according to initial

    reports, only five Iraqis were injured and there were no "coalition"


    Iraqis arrested

    It was unclear whether the two reports were about the same


    US marines arrested six members of the Iraqi Civil Defence Corps

    on suspicion of involvement in the bombing, along with an Iraqi

    civilian who ran out of a nearby building after the blast carrying

    hand grenades, a military spokeswoman said.

    "We have the bodies of five Iraqis and four foreigners...

    In addition, 10 injured

    Iraqis were admitted to our hospital"

    Muhammad Jalal,
    Doctor in Falluja

    The seven were taken to

    an occupation force base for questioning.

    The military spokeswoman said the device was contained in a fuel

    drum, which sprayed burning fuel and oil on several nearby cars when

    it exploded.

    A witness said an explosion took

    place at 0530 GMT in front of a mosque in the centre of


    Witness reactions

    "After hearing the explosion we ran to the site and saw corpses

    and injured people," said merchant Muhammad Jabr.

    Jabr said the explosion was caused by a roadside bomb, adding

    that security services soon arrived at the scene to deal with the


    Ramadi has been a hotbed of anti
    occupation resistance

    A second witness, Samir Hammadi, said he believed the bomb had

    been placed amongst oil cans that were being sold on the roadside.

    Ramadi, near the rebel bastion of Falluja, has been a hotbed of

    insurgency against US-led occupation forces.

    During heavy clashes against marines in April, some troops from

    the US-formed ICDC defected to join the rebels.

    The attack came just two days after a car bombing on an occupation force

    convoy in Baghdad killed 13 people, including five

    foreigners, and wounded 69.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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