Egypt to host largest rock concert

A top British boy-band will stage Egypt's biggest ever rock concert next month.

    Egypt attracts more than two million tourists a year

    The band Blue will perform on 2 July at Media Production City on the outskirts of Cairo before an expected audience of 20,000 people, Tourism Minister Mamduh Biltaji told a news conference on Sunday. 

    "We are very happy about this event, it's an indication of the friendship between Britain and Egypt," said Caroline Alcock of the British embassy. 

    "We hope this will be the start of a series of cultural events between the two countries," said Alcock, adding more than 20,000 British nationals live in Egypt and that Britons represent the third largest group of tourists to the country. 

    Biltaji said he hoped the event would boost the tourism industry, a key source of foreign currency revenue for Egypt, which attracts more than two million tourists a year. 

    Blue released their debut single in 2001 and shot to fame with All Rise. They have had two No 1 albums, three No 1 singles, two BRIT Awards, and sold five million albums.



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