Kashmiri separatists shot dead

Indian troops have shot dead five alleged Islamist fighters in Kashmir, three of them along the de facto border dividing Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

    New Delhi and Islamabad hope the fence will reduce conflict

    A police spokesman in Srinagar said three men were killed after crossing into the northern Kupwara district of Indian-controlled Kashmir late on Tuesday.
    "By killing three more militants along the Line of Control (LOC) another attempt by militants to infiltrate into our side has been foiled," the spokesman said.
    The same official said another two Kashmiris were killed during an encounter with troops inside the Kupwara district at around the same time. 

    Deadly border

    Last week, five Kashmiris were also shot when they attempted to cross into the Indian-controlled section of the disputed province.
    Furthermore, India's military claim to have foiled 20 similar attempts at entering Indian Kashmir - killing at least 50 armed secessionists.
    Islamist rebels are fighting to secede Kashmir from India, with some seeking to join it with neighbouring Pakistan while others propose independence.
    More than 40,000 people have died since the beginning of a 15-year-old insurgency in the region.

    Kashmiri aid agencies have put the toll between 80,000 and 100,000.



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