Malaysia police search for missing diplomat

Malaysian police are searching for a senior South African diplomat who has been missing for six days, a top official said on Saturday.

    Scholtz was last seen in Kuala Lumpur

    Deputy ambassador Nicky Scholtz was last seen on Sunday in a

    Kuala Lumpur hotel where he attended a conference.

    Scholtz, 54, had arrived in Malaysia last month to take up

    the new posting.

    Deputy inspector-general of police Muhammad Sedek Muhammad


    said it was the first time a diplomat had gone missing in


    "We are still investigating. It is something of concern to

    us because he is a diplomat and he has gone missing in Kuala

    Lumpur," he told reporters.

    Muhammad Sedek said there was no indication Scholtz could

    have been kidnapped.

    "It is still a missing person case," he added.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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