Iraqi group threatens Basra workers

A previously unknown Iraqi group has vowed to abduct and kill foreign and Arab workers in Basra.

    The al-Taff Martyrs Brigades are previously unknown

    Aljazeera aired

    a videotape on Monday from the "al-Taff Martyrs Brigades" which particularly threatened Kuwaitis in the southern Iraqi city.

    The tape showed a group of masked men, some holding

    automatic rifles and one man reading a statement.

    "All workers in foreign and Arab companies in Basra,

    especially Kuwaiti companies, are targets for killing and kidnapping,"

    the man said. "We strongly warn them against going into the

    streets of Basra."

    "These people are on par with American and British (occupation troops).

    They are all the same," he said as the other masked men cheered

    and chanted "Allah Akbar" (God is Greatest).

    "All workers in foreign and Arab companies in Basra,

    especially Kuwaitis, are targets for killing and kidnapping"

    Al-Taff Martyrs Brigades


    Basra violence

    Violence in Basra, which is near Iraq's southern border with

    Kuwait, has intensified in recent weeks after US-led forces

    cracked down on the militia of Shia cleric Muqtada 


    Hundreds of Sadr's Mehdi Army fighters fought running

    battles with British troops in Basra on Saturday after suffering

    heavy losses in other Iraqi cities.

    Oil exports from Basra's vital terminal were cut back by a

    sabotage attack on a pipeline on Saturday, two weeks after

    US-led forces foiled boat attacks on tankers at the


    Dozens of foreigners have been seized in Iraq recently - some

    have been killed by their captors and others released.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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