Survey catches Irish napping

One in four Europeans are found to fall asleep in the workplace, with the Irish mostly likely to crash out on their desktops.

    The Irish are the most likely to fall asleep in unlikely places

    But according to the survey released on Monday, the Dutch are able to stifle their yawns best.
    Internet jobs site Jobline organised the poll which showed 24% of respondents had fallen asleep either at their desk, in a meeting or in the toilet.

    About 39% said they had not fallen asleep at work, but had to make an effort to stay awake.
    "Long workdays, routine tasks, meetings that drag on, and staring into the monitor are prompting workers around Europe to fall asleep at their workplace," one of the survey's co-authors said.

    Close to 40% of Irish participants said they had fallen asleep at work, usually at their desks, while 80% of Dutch respondents said they had never slept at the office.
    The poll was carried out between 29 March and 13 April, and received responses from nearly 21,500 people in 14 European countries. 

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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