Four Saudi police killed in shootout

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has confirmed that four policemen have been killed by armed fighters and two explosive-laden cars have been defused in the kingdom.

    Saudi Arabia is clamping down on armed fighters

    A ministry spokesman said on Tuesday in a statement the four policemen were killed by "machine-gun" fire in separate attacks on the road linking Riyadh and Qasim, northwest of the capital. 

    The attacks were carried out by "members of a deviant minority," the spokesman said. 

    Saudi authorities often refer to suspected Islamist sympathisers of Saudi-born Usama bin Ladin's al-Qaida network as a "deviant group" that has strayed from the right path. 

    On combing the region, security authorities "seized two car
    bombs ready to be used as well as a third car containing arms," the spokesman added. 

    The district of Qasim around the town of Buraydah lies 320kms from Riyadh.



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